Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Door 14

This was idiotic.

Sitting around, talking with Clarice, it had all sounded so simple. Go to the future, meet your great grand daughters and your grandson, and somehow stop your grandson from sending his own daughters back to the past

Oh yeah, and make sure you did it all fast, because the girls were all getting sick and once Christmas came and went, it would be another year before he could even get back to them again.

Never mind that Jack was 12 years old. Never mind that this Damien was an adult, and apparently a big adult at that. Never mind that Jack had absolutely no idea how to do any of it.



Jack sat in his room, feeling sorry for himself. As an unpopular 7th grader, feeling sorry for himself was second nature. Hey, if you were going to do something, do it right!

The Doorway leaned against the wall of his bedroom, mocking him. Everyone might blame him for what happened, but he blamed that stupid box.

How was he supposed to know what to do? How could he stop Damien?

Jack had absolutely no idea.

All right, think of it a different way. Don't worry about Damien at all. How about we just get rid of the stinking Doorway completely?

Would that work?

Jack wasn't sure. If he could destroy the Doorway somehow in the present, would it make it disappear in the future?

Why hadn't he asked Jeb that? He could go back and ask him. Waste another day, but he'd know for sure.

Nope, it was time to man up. Jack was tired of messing around. He had 12 days to finish this thing.

Jack stood up and pointed at the Doorway. "You're going down, my friend."

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